Galaxy Entertainment Group Invited the Elderly of I Chon Centre to the Exhibition of “Memories of the Grasslands” to Experience the Mongolian Nomadic Culture

June 21, 2012 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) warmly invited a group of senior citizens of I Chon Centre of the General Union of Neighbours Association of Macau to visit the Exhibition and Performance of Inner Mongolian Folk Arts – Chinese National Intangible Cultural Heritage at Galaxy Macau™ and experience the secrets of Mongolian civilization. Following the exhibition was a resort tour where the seniors had a good time exploring the various facilities of the resort, making the day a pleasant and fulfilling one.

The visiting activity took place on Thursday afternoon with a group of more than a dozen participants arriving at East Square of Galaxy Macau. The visit to the “Memories of the Grasslands” Folk Arts Exhibition offered the elderly a great opportunity to enrich their experience with Mongolian’s nomadic culture. They were drawn to the array of unique Mongolian craftsmanship with strong ethnic and regional flavors, such as wool felt paintings, Mongolian embroidery and birch bark handicrafts, reflecting the cultural characteristics and nomadic lifestyle of Inner Mongolians. Finally, taking pictures in front of the Mongolian yurt brought the elderly unforgettable memories and kept the nomadic experience alive.

The GEG team members then took the elderly on a resort tour and gave them an orientation to the resort facilities, including the elegant shopping outlets and chic restaurants of East and West Promenade, the UA Galaxy Cinemas which opened in last December as well as Taste of Asia that offers a wide assortment of regional gourmet food. The elderly were amazed by the wide range of leisure and entertainment facilities the resort offers and said that they would invite their friends to visit along next time.

The tour completed joyfully for the elderly group with the “Fortune Diamond” show presented at the grand lobby. They were all enchanted with the mega diamond as they watched it rising slowly from the fountain. The 90-year-old Ho Mui said, “It is a valuable opportunity for us today to visit the cultural exhibition and also tour around this magnificent resort; it has been an incredible and fulfilling day.”Mr. Cheng Chi Hong of the centre also expressed his gratitude to GEG for inviting the elderly to the exhibition and said, “Most of the recreational activities for the elderly are normally within the care home environment and they pretty much hope to get around the community and understand the changes in the city. Thankful to GEG, all of us are very happy to be invited. It is indeed a very special experience for them to be visiting the exhibition and resort today.”