Galaxy Entertainment Group’s Dragon Boat Team Celebrates Record Breaking Results With 11 Trophies

June 23, 2012 – After a day of fierce competitions with the regional winning teams, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”)’s dragon boat Team brought home a record breaking result this year with “Galaxy Pioneer” winning second runner-up in Macau International Invitational Standard Dragon Boat Races (500m). The team proudly received the award from Chief Executive, Mr. Chui Sai On and Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Mr. Cheong U. Meanwhile, “Galaxy Pearl” brought home the champion of Women “B” Final while “Galaxy Stars” ranked 5th place in the Open “B” Final which sums up GEG’s total achievements to 11 trophies and awards in the 3-day Macau International Dragon Boat Races.

Held at the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, the annual Macau International Dragon Boat Races took place on 16th, 17th and 23rd of June. On the last day of the races, GEG management visited the dragon boat teams at the venue and presented them a special dragon boat drum, as a token of best wishes and blessings to the team athletes. Joining the executives at the venue were over 100 GEG team members who cheered encouragement to the team athletes by waving flags and shouting jubilantly, prompting a general air of festive joy by the lakeside. Though not joining the race physically, the cheering teams were all very moved and excited watching their fellow colleagues punching through the finish line to claim victory.

With strong will and determination, GEG’s dragon boat teams have snatched a total of 11 awards in the three-day races. On the first day of races, “Galaxy Phoenix” and “Galaxy Pioneer” won the championship in the women’s small dragon boat 250M and the men’s standard dragon boat 2,000M open races respectively. “Galaxy Universe” and “Galaxy Elegance” both ranked first runner-ups in men’s and women’s small dragon boat 250M. GEG’s dragon boat teams strove a higher level of victory on the second day of races as they were being crowned champions in both women’s and men’s 500M standard dragon boat race.