GEG Youth Achievement Program” Presented Completion Certificates to Participants 5 Winners of Singapore Study Tour Prize Were Announced

August 2, 2012 – Organized by Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and Macau Management Association (“MMA”), the “GEG Youth Achievement Program” has drawn to a successful conclusion. To acknowledge the outstanding performance of the participants, a closing ceremony was held at the Grand Ballroom of StarWorld Hotel on Thursday where certificates were presented to the participants who completed the program and the winners of Singapore Study Tour prize were announced.

Joining the participants at the ceremony were the guests of honor including Ms. Leong Lai, Director of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Ms. Noémia Lameiras, Deputy Director of Labor Affairs Bureau, Mr. Chui Sai Cheong, President of MMA, Mr. Lau Veng Seng, Chairman of MMA, Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG and Mr. Philip Cheng, Director of GEG.

In his speech, Mr. Philip Cheng said that the program had helped prepare the participants for future career advancement as they had acquired practical knowledge and skills which would not be taught at school. Mr. Lau Veng Seng also believed that the participants had gained better insights into the current market development trends through the program and became more prepared for the challenges ahead. He hoped that the two organizers could further their cooperation in training more management talents for Macau.

Alex Ao, representative of the participants, shared his experience at the closing ceremony. He said that he joined the program out of curiosity but the valuable experiences and knowledge gained from it proved his decision right. “The workshops have helped me build up a better sense of teamwork and participation. I think I have understood more about myself and have set a clear career goal after joining the program,” he said. He also added that the volunteer work of the program had offered him the opportunities to meet with people from all walks of life, making him understand more about the community.

The ceremony reached its climax when the “Action Group” was announced the winning group of the Singapore Study Tour prize. Gratified to be receiving the award from Director Leong Lai and Deputy Director Noémia Lameiras, the members from the group, namely Lei Tak Kong, Chao Man Cheong, Wong Wai Keong, Leong Weng Teng and Choi Pan Fai, thanked GEG and MMA for giving them an opportunity to participate in the Singapore Study Tour, in which they can learn about a different culture and broaden their horizons. In addition, the winners of distinction prizes were presented awards and cash prizes sponsored by GEG and the participants who had completed at least 3 workshops were also presented certificates as recognition of their outstanding performance.

Targeting local youths between 18 and 25, the “GEG Youth Achievement Program” aimed to help the participants discover personal strengths through a range of team building activities and practical trainings including workshops, seminars and volunteer work. The program also provided the participants with opportunities to interact with leading professionals from local industries so that they could gain useful insights and knowledge for future career development. The program attracted participation of over 500 young people and around a hundred participants who had completed at least 3 workshops were then eligible to compete in the final contest held in July. The winning team was awarded a Singapore Study Tour.