100 GEG Volunteers Participated in “One Day Volunteer 2012” to Tour around Taipa and Coloane with Elderly People

August 21, 2012 – To support the “One Day Volunteer 2012” organized by the Youth Volunteers Association of Macao, 100 members from the volunteer team of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) took part in one of its community activities on Sunday and arranged a pleasant day out for nearly 80 elderly citizens from Centro de Servicos Completos para Idosos Cheng I and Clube Da Terceira Idade. With the drinks and snacks, as well as the special souvenirs prepared by the GEG volunteers, the elderly citizens have enjoyed a fulfilling afternoon visiting the most popular destinations in Taipa and Coloane.

Taking the transportation provided by GEG, the elderly participants visited their first destination at Seac Pai Van Park with the GEG volunteers. Immediately captivated by the magnificent architectures on both sides as the buses passed through the Cotai, the elderly were all very impressed by the great changes that have taken place in the city. The tour buses arrived at the park later and the excited group entered Macao Giant Panda Pavilion to visit the two celebrity pandas “Kai Kai” and “Xin Xin”. By the grins on their faces it was clear that the elderly were very happy to see the adorable animals; and they were helped by the friendly GEG volunteers to take a lot of lovely photos with the pandas before leaving the pavilion to visit the zoo nearby.

After a close encounter with animals and nature, the group visited the Taipa-Houses Museum where they were all very delighted by the beautiful European surroundings. Gratified to be visiting the two islands with her old friends and have a closer look at Macau’s changing landscape, Cheong Mou Cheng from Centro de Servicos Completos para Idosos Cheng I said, “I don’t go to Taipa and Coloane very often. The tour today has given me a very special experience as I did not only enjoy nature and fresh air, but I also got to see some modern architecture and historical buildings on the same day.”

With gratitude towards the efforts of GEG volunteer team in organizing the tour, Summer Cheang, social worker of Youth Volunteers Association of Macao, said, “I would like to thank the GEG volunteers for their participation and their thoughtful arrangement for the tour. I can see that the elderly really enjoyed the activities today.” She also hoped that more outdoor activities could be organized for the elderly in the future as these could benefit them both physically and mentally.