“GEG Youth Achievement Program” Offered Young People Study-Tour Opportunities in Singapore

September 13, 2012 – Following the completion of “GEG Youth Achievement Program” organized by Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and Macau Management Association (“MMA”), the winning participants of the final competition of the program set off for a 5-day study tour in Singapore to have first-hand experience of local culture and development. The program offered participants a cultural exploration and adventurous experience in the famous landmarks and scenic spots of Singapore; it also gave them a rare opportunity to visit some of the local enterprises to understand their success stories which greatly inspired their business vision.

Led by the instructors from MMA and GEG, 5 young people who won the final competition of the program began their wonderful journey in Singapore in mid-August. They engaged in an array of meaningful activities, including visiting the most famous tourist destinations of Singapore such as Universal Studio, Merlion Park and Resorts World Sentosa. Not only did they gain better understanding of the successful development of Singapore’s tourism industry, but they also had a closer look at local society and people’s livelihood. The group also made a field visit to one of the world's largest Chinese medicine producers Eu Yan Sang, where its executive members shared their business vision and experience with the participants.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the tour would be visiting the renowned Singapore Institute of Management, where the participants enjoyed dynamic and fruitful exchanges with local students. They were also invited to attend a talk by young entrepreneurs on how they carved out a successful path and made contributions to society at the same time. The young people were all very pleased with the experience throughout the visit as they had made some new friends as well as obtained insightful knowledge about business development from the high-flyers.

After 5 fulfilling days of visits and exchange activities in Singapore, the participants were amazed by the proactive spirit of the country, which exemplifies integrity, efficiency and a commitment to improvement. Marcus Wong, a participant studying Global Business Management at University of Macau said, “The study tour has certainly increased my interest in exploring more foreign cultures and it also helped me realize that some of the knowledge can only be gained through experience. I will continue to participate in more overseas exchange programs in order to broaden my horizon.” Through participating in the study tour, the 5 young people from different backgrounds have gained more than just an overseas experience; they have also developed a valuable friendship which is probably the most rewarding aspect of the journey.

Targeting local youths between 18 and 25, the “GEG Youth Achievement Program” aimed to help the participants discover personal strengths through a range of team building activities and volunteer work. Following the encouraging response from over 500 young people in its first term, the second term of “GEG Youth Achievement Program” will be launched in the near future. For further information, please pay attention to the announcement of the organizers.