GEG Table Tennis Team Claimed Championship in Competition Organized by Macao Hotel Employees Association

September 26, 2012 – Table tennis team formed by 6 members of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) participated in the table tennis competition organized by Macao Hotel Employees Association for the first time. The GEG team finished off their opponent 2-0 in the final competition last week to win the champion trophy for the company, demonstrating exceptional skills and great teamwork.

Commencing in early September, the table tennis competition was joined by 8 strong teams from different hotel operators, including the one formed by 2 male and 4 female table tennis enthusiasts from GEG. To prepare for the competition, the GEG athletes have dedicated their leisure time for intensive practices; Not only their skills were greatly improved after the training, but they also developed an excellent rapport with one another. The GEG athletes were all very pleased with the experience throughout the competition as they were given a chance to develop their strength and potential with people who share the same interest.

As an athlete who has represented Macau in a number of international competitions, Sarah Wong from the human resources & administration department was positioned as a key player in the GEG team for her skills. She said, “It actually gives me a lot of pressures being an amateur athlete, constantly striving for a balance between work and practices. Certainly I have had thoughts on giving up but the great support and encouragement from my superiors and colleagues are one of the biggest motivations that make me continue with my table tennis career.” She hoped that the GEG table tennis team could achieve more awards in the future.

To help its team members maintain a balanced lifestyle, GEG has played a part in encouraging them to participate in sporting activities during leisure hours, so that they can fully realize their individual potentials. In addition to the table tennis team, GEG has also supported its team members in establishing the dragon boat team, basketball team and football team, in order to provide them with more opportunities to showcase their talents.