Volunteer Team of Galaxy Entertainment Group Hosted Christmas Party for Fuhong Society

December 11, 2012 – The volunteer team of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) spread some festive cheer to Pou Choi Centre of Fuhong Society by organizing a Christmas party for its students on Monday. Christmas gifts were distributed to the students by 2 GEG volunteer who played Santa Claus at the party, filling the room with warmth and laughter.

There was a great rejoicing among the students when 20 GEG volunteers arrived at the centre on Monday afternoon with bags of holiday treats and goodies. The students were especially excited when the Santa Claus made their entrance to the centre with their signature laugh. Not only did the Santa played games with the students, but they also walked around the centre with the gift bags to make sure that everyone have received the Christmas gifts.

John Lim, a GEG volunteer from the table games department, was very pleased to have brought so much happiness to everyone by playing Santa Claus at the party. “Our patience and understanding are very important in helping the people with disability integrate into society. Although it is not an easy job to play the Santa with this red costume and fluffy white beard, my effort really paid off seeing the broad grins on their faces,” he said.

To enhance the communication skills of the students, a drawing contest was hosted during the party for the GEG volunteers and the students to work in pairs to compete for the championship. Under the guidance of the volunteers, the students created a number of beautiful drawings, and 5 of them were voted the winners. Prizes were presented to the winning teams by the Santa, as a joyful conclusion to an afternoon of fun and activities.

Delighted by the efforts of GEG volunteer team in organizing a Christmas party for the students, Ms. Chan Sao Ngo, Manager of Pou Choi Centre of Fuhong Society said, “It is important for our students to have more interactions with people outside the centre, which is good for them both physically and mentally. I hope that more similar activities can be organized in the future so that more people can be benefited.”