Galaxy Entertainment Group Shared Poker King Tournament Proceeds with Caritas Macau

January 7, 2013 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) organizes various activities regularly to raise money for local community groups as part of its on-going mission in Macau. Over the last 2 years, GEG’s flagship property, StarWorld Hotel co-organized a number of poker tournaments with Poker King Club and raised more than HK$86,000 for Caritas Macau in support of its charitable work in the community. The charity cheque was presented to the representative of Caritas Macau at Galaxy Macau™ on Monday.

On behalf of the Group, Mr. Michael Mecca, President & Chief Operating Officer of GEG, and Mr. Charles So, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld Hotel, presented the cheque to Mr. Pun Chi Meng, Secretary General of Caritas Macau. This is the second time that GEG donated the tournament proceeds to Caritas Macau. Together with the donation of HK$74,000 in January 2011, GEG has raised over HK$160,000 for the organization.

Mr. Pun Chi Meng, Secretary General of Caritas Macau, commended GEG on its achievements and contributions to Macau society; he said, “By committing parts of its profits to charity, GEG has set a good example for its industry peers and helped motivate others to share their business success with the community.” He also vowed to make good use of the donation and assist more people in need.

Delighted to present the donation to Caritas Macau on behalf of GEG, Mr. Michael Mecca, President & Chief Operating Officer of GEG, said, “As a responsible corporate citizen, GEG does not only focus on its business development, but also attends to the needs of the community. We take pride in being able to help achieve a sustainable social welfare development by continuously participating in local charity causes; this includes making a contribution to charitable organizations like Caritas Macau.”

StarWorld Hotel hosted a number of poker tournaments in recent years and proved highly successful in attracting local and international poker fans to participate in them.

To share part of its profit with the community, GEG specially donated 1% from each entry fee for the tournaments to Caritas Macau, hoping to reach out to the disadvantaged people through supporting the community work of the organization.