Galaxy Entertainment Group Celebrated Mother’s Day with Asilo Vila Madalena for the Second Year

May 9, 2013 – With Mother’s Day only a few days away, the volunteer team of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) warmly visited the residential home of Asilo Vila Madalena and presented gift bags to nearly 90 elderly residents. The elderly were very delighted to be visited by the friendly GEG volunteers for the second year at the residential home as they joyfully spent an afternoon of good company and wonderful activities together.

Warmth and blessings of the season were spread to the residential home when the GEG volunteers arrived on Thursday afternoon to present gift bags of food such as biscuits, cornmeal and noodles to the residents. Having attended the celebration party hosted by the volunteer team last year, Dave Wong from Galaxy Macau™ was very pleased to be reunited with the elderly people before Mother’s Day again.

“The visit last year has brought so much happiness not only to the elderly residents but also to a volunteer like me, as it made me realize how much these elderly people need our care; when I knew that the team was going to organize another visit again, I would certainly not want to miss it,” said Dane.

Led by the GEG volunteers, the celebration party started off with a group exercise where the elderly were encouraged to have routine exercises to maintain a good health. More entertainment followed as they joined the volunteers on stage in a singing performance, filling the room with joy and laughter. “It’s just nice to see so many familiar faces again, though I can hardly remember their names,’ said the 90-year-old Lok A King, giggling. “We have been celebrating Mother’s Day with the GEG volunteer team for two years and I really appreciated their efforts on preparing the gifts and activities for us.”

Sister Tam Lai King of Asilo Vila Madalena thanked the GEG volunteers for providing the elderly people a rejoicing day. “It is important for the senior residents to interact regularly with people outside their residential home, which is good for them both physically and mentally. I hope that more similar activities can be organized in the future so that more elderly people can be benefited,” she said.