Galaxy Entertainment Group Hosted Rice Dumpling Workshop to Welcome Dragon Boat Festival

May 28, 2013 - To offer its team members the opportunities to make festive gifts for their families, the Staff Social Club of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) specially organized a fun-filled workshop on Monday and invited Mr. Ke Zunzhi, the Gold Pin winner of Chinese Cook in 2012 and Chef de Partie at Galaxy Macau™, to impart the skill of wrapping glutinous rice dumplings to the participants. At the end of the workshop, the chef selected 4 participants with the best performance and rewarded each of them a big rice dumpling prepared by the central kitchen of Galaxy Macau, as a token of appreciation and warm blessings of the festival.

The workshop was held at Galaxy Macau, where Mr. Ke, Gold Pin winner of Chinese Cook - Cantonese Dim Sum (Intermediate Level) at “Macao Occupational Skills Recognition System”, demonstrated how to make rice dumplings with traditional ingredients such as abalone, dried scallops and roasted goose. Well-versed in various types of Chinese cuisine, especially in making exquisite dim sum, Mr. Ke found his first teaching experience with the GEG team members very enjoyable. “Making rice dumplings is not as easy as it sounds; but I can see that they have really tried their best to prepare these wonderful gifts. I am sure their families will appreciate the efforts that go into the gifts,” he said.

Perhaps the most difficult part is wrapping the dumplings tightly with strings, where some participants have accidentally spilled the ingredients; but with the help of others, they finally overcame the challenge to finish up a good number of savory rice dumplings. At the end, Mr. Ke picked out 4 most nicely-wrapped dumplings and rewarded each of their makers a big dumpling made with double-amount of ingredients. The winners were all very pleased with the special prizes that would provide them some tasty festive food to share with their families during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Joy Leung from the finance department of StarWorld Hotel was very happy with her first dumpling-making experience that brought her an unexpected prize. Leung said, “My family members always make rice dumplings for us but I never realized the hard work behind them until the workshop today. I feel even more thankful for these homemade gifts, which are much more meaningful than the store-bought ones.” She also added that she would definitely spend more time to create something special for her family.