Dragon Boat Teams of Galaxy Entertainment Group Took Home One Gold, Two Silver and One Bronze in Macau Small Dragon Boat Mid-Autumn Festival Cup

September 9, 2013 - The dragon boat teams of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) achieved overwhelming success in Macau Small Dragon Boat Mid-Autumn Festival Cup on Sunday and took home four awards. “Galaxy Stars” battled down its strong rivals to be crowned the champion in the Grand Final of the mixed competition while “Galaxy Pearl” took home the first runner-up title in the Bowl Final of the mixed competition; two women’s teams “Galaxy Phoenix” and “Galaxy Elegance” also delivered strong performance and grabbed the first runner-up and second runner-up titles respectively in the women’s final.

With gratitude to the GEG athletes for their hard work and dedication, Tyson Hoi, the captain of GEG’s dragon boat teams, said, “The awards are tributes to the GEG’s athletes who have demonstrated unified team spirit and devoted their spare time to many practice sessions. I am also very grateful for the support from our company and colleagues. I hope that the team will continue to come together to strive for greater achievement.”

The Mid-Autumn Festival Cup this year has attracted a tremendous number of strong teams from Macau and Hong Kong to join the competition. GEG has entered five dragon boat teams into the competition including “Galaxy Stars”, “Galaxy Pearl”, “Galaxy Phoenix”, “Galaxy Elegance” and “Galaxy Glamour”. The team athletes have delivered their best performance in each competition and they were so proud of the great result they had achieved.