Galaxy Entertainment Group Invites 400 Youngsters to See 3D Movie and Tour around the Smurf Village

August 5, 2013 - Invited by Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”), 180 kids and parents from three local associations visited Galaxy Macau™ on Sunday to enjoy a fun-filled summer day of games and activities. The memorable outing began with a delightful 3D comedy “Smurf 2” at UA Galaxy Cinemas; and the merriment continued as the kids and adults visited the Smurf Village at East Square, where they were all engaged in an array of carnival booth games.

Accompanied by nearly 20 members from the GEG volunteer team, 180 members from General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau, Macao Federation of Trade Unions and Women’s General Association of Macau arrived at UA Galaxy Cinemas to enjoy the summer blockbuster “Smurf 2”. Fascinated by the vibrant and colorful images, the spectators have had great fun seeing the 3D comedy which tells an exciting story of the Smurfs fighting against the evil wizard to protect their village.

It was clear that both the children and adults have thoroughly enjoyed the movie, as they could not stop talking about their favorite scenes and humming the theme song when they left the Cineplex for the next activity. Delighted by the special movie experience about the little blue creatures he adored as a kid, Gary Mak, a GEG volunteer from the table games department said, “I am very happy that the activity has brought so much fun to the children. The Smurfs are popular characters among kids and adults; watching their movie with these sprightly young people has certainly revived our childhood memories.”

After the movie, the children visited the “The Smurfs 2 Summer Village” at East Square with the GEG volunteers, where they were thrilled by the colorful giant mushrooms and Smurf statues that transported them into a real-life Smurfs kingdom. The young members and the volunteers also got creative in making beautiful pieces of key rings and other DIY items at the Smurf-themed booths.

With gratitude towards GEG for sharing a wonderful day with the young members, Ms. Chan, a social worker from Women’s General Association of Macau said, “The activities today have surely brought the kids and adults together. I am happy to see that they get along very well and have truly enjoyed each other’s company.”

To spread summer fun around the community, GEG will continue to share the “Smurfy merriment” with 200 members from Macau Deaf Association, Richmond Fellowship of Macau and Ying Lok - The Methodist Church Macau later on.