Galaxy Entertainment Group Launches “Youth Achievement Program 2013 - 2014” to Nurture Young Talent in Society

October 31, 2013 - Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and Macau Management Association further their mission to nurture all-round talent by kicking off the annual “Youth Achievement Program” at StarWorld Hotel this Thursday. Now in its third term, the six-month program features an even more dynamic course content including an interactive smart phone app, as well as a variety of practical opportunities for its members to organize community events and develop their expertise.

The launch event was officiated by the representatives from Macau Management Association including the Council Chairman Mr. Lau Veng Seng, Council Vice Chairman and Honorary Secretary General Mr. Paul Tse and Council Vice-Chairman and Honorary Treasurer Mr. Alex Mok, together with GEG’s senior executives, including Director Mr. Philip Cheng, President & Chief Operating Officer Mr. Michael Mecca and Vice President of Organization Development & Training Mr. Noel Lyons.

Mr. Paul Tse said, “In line with its objective of promoting modern management principles and practices, Macau Management Association have been providing academic services and training to the community, in an effort to develop more management professionals for filling a wide variety of positions.”

Mr. Michael Mecca was very pleased to learn that some members from the last two terms have joined the program again for another meaningful learning experience. He said, “The tourism industry has brought in many new elements and products to the market, therefore Macau needs to be prepared and promote a greater capacity of local workforce talent to cope with the fast growing economy of the city.” The guests were later invited on stage to host a lighting ceremony to signify that the participants would have a successful career and prosperous future after completing the program.

In addition to offering its members a host of volunteer work and networking activities, the third term of “Youth Achievement Program” sees an even more diverse range of practical and learning opportunities; the members will be given chances to arrange and host community events, which help them develop leadership and organizational skills. Moreover, the program has an official smart phone app that aims to provide the members direct access to the latest program information, as well as an interactive platform where the members can share their thoughts and experiences. The members can also invite friends to join the events they organize via the app and thus share the result of their hard work with more people.

As in previous terms, the program will arrange members to complete an internationally accredited personality assessment so that they can better understand their talents and capabilities. Individual and group awards will also be presented to the members with outstanding performance at the closure of the program, in order to motivate them to maximize their full potential. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive certificates of recognition and will be eligible to enter into a final contest to compete for the Asian City Study Tour.