Galaxy Entertainment Group Renews Cooperation Agreement with Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center to Offer Professional Trainings for Team Members

November 15, 2013 - Being the first gaming operator to enter into training agreement with Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (“CPTTM”) in 2012, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) further expands its work on employee development by renewing the bilateral agreement with CPTTM this Friday. The new cooperation aims to create a more comprehensive learning and development platform for GEG’s team members through a wide variety of training courses in areas such as language skills, management skills, occupational skills and computer applications.

The “Training Cooperation between CPTTM and GEG - Signing Ceremony & Seminar” was held at Hotel Okura Macau on Friday. With Dr. Eric Yeung, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CPTTM, and Ms. Eileen Lui, Director of Human Resources & Administration of GEG, being the witnesses, Dr. Shuen Ka Hung, Director-General of CPTTM, and Mr. Trevor Martin, Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Administration of GEG, signed the agreement on behalf of the two parties.

During his speech Dr. Shuen Ka Hung said, “Human resources play a vital role in sustaining a company’s development; we are very delighted that GEG is able to recognize the importance of its team members and is willing to foster a comprehensive learning platform for enhancing both their professional skills and competitiveness.” He also hopes that CPTTM can continue to work closely with GEG in providing customized training programs for its team members to enhance their overall competencies at work.

Mr. Trevor Martin, the signing representative of GEG, is pleased to learn that the two parties are sharing a common goal of improving the overall quality of local workforce. “The new training agreement signifies a further step in our bilateral cooperation on workforce development, and also an extension of our commitment to nurturing the professional and personal growth of our team members. By offering an even wider variety of corporate training courses, we give our team members a strong enticement to pursue continuing education and professional qualifications,” he said.

The signing ceremony was followed by two rounds of seminars, during which the Director-General of CPTTM Dr. Shuen Ka Hung and media professional Mr. Li Chan Wing were invited to share their insights and visions in the development opportunities Macau has to offer and the positioning for success in a changing world.

First entering into cooperation agreement in 2012, GEG and CPTTM have coorganized at least 1,400 hours of exclusive training courses for over 1,400 GEG’s team members. The cooperation aims to prepare the participants for future career development by equipping them with professional knowledge and skills.