“Peng On Tung” Elderly Users Visited by Volunteer Team of Galaxy Entertainment Group

December 16, 2013 - The volunteer team of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always been passionate about reaching out to the community through organizing a variety of charity visits and activities. With Christmas fast approaching, nearly 80 members of the GEG volunteer team visited the elderly users of “Peng On Tung” Teleassistance Service over the past weekend to bring them not only warm Christmas gifts but also a joyful day to remember.

The GEG volunteers first gathered at “Peng On Tung” Tele-assistance Service Centre to learn how to use the devices and how to communicate with the elderly, before they set out to deliver the gift bags of food such as cereal and macaroni. During their visits, the GEG volunteers checked the “Peng On Tung” devices and filled out surveys for the elderly so that the service centre can follow up their living condition. Over the two-day activity, the GEG volunteers have made a total of 80 home visits.

Rarely visited by young people, the elderly were all very excited when the friendly volunteers arrived at their homes. As the weather is turning cold, the GEG volunteers did not only provide warm company to the elderly people throughout their visit, but they also checked their apartments to ensure that they keep warm and keep well in this winter. Leong Io Iam, who has been using “Peng On Tung” service for two years, said, “I am very happy to be visited by these sprightly young people in this special season of the year. Their company and the gifts they prepared for us have certainly brightened up my day.”

The two-day activity has not only brought festive joy to the elderly people, but it also gave the volunteers a great sense of satisfaction. Mak Weng On, a volunteer team member from the table games department of Galaxy Macau™, said, “The elderly people we visited don’t always have a chance to interact with young people; some of them even hardly walk out of their home. Our visits have surely brought them happiness and energy, and I could see from their faces that they have truly enjoyed spending time with us.” Mak also said he would continue to devote his spare time to volunteer work and he hopes that the team can carry on their charity cause of spreading care around the community.