Galaxy Entertainment Group Hosts Lunar New Year Soccer Cup to Enhance Team Bonding

February 19, 2014 - With the festive jubilation still lingering in the air, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) hosted the “Lunar New Year Soccer Cup” for the first time to enhance team bonding and promote the importance of regular exercise among its team members. The fun-filled activity was joined by more than 100 soccer enthusiasts from GEG to compete for the championship title, and also their friends and family members who cheered on the players along the sidelines.

The GEG athletes were divided into nine teams, including one team formed by the GEG executives. Bringing out their best effort to strive for victory, the soccer players have enjoyed an afternoon of intense, yet friendly, competitions at the Workers Stadium. After several exciting matches at the warm-up and elimination rounds, the soccer team from the surveillance department ultimately won the grand trophy. Ritchie Antonio, captain of the champion team was very happy with the result. “Although we were only playing against our colleagues, we took the competitions seriously and gave our very best in each game. I would also like to give a big thank-you to my team players; thanks to their incredible performance, we were able to battle down the strong rivals to take home the grand trophy,” he said.

Standing along the sidelines were the family members and friends of the GEG athletes who did not only take this opportunity to exchange New Year greetings with one another, but also yelled out cheers for every goal scored by the teams they supported. Hosted for the first time by GEG’s Staff Social Club, the “Lunar New Year Soccer Cup” aimed to promote the importance of work-life balance, and to improve teamwork and communication among the GEG team members. Greatly encouraged by the tremendous support from the GEG team members, the Staff Social Club will continue to create a vibrant platform for its team members to develop their interest and potential through different events and activities.