Galaxy Entertainment Group Shoulders Environmental Responsibility Galaxy Macau is Recognized with ISO 14001 Certificate

(March 27, 2014) - It is an on-going commitment for Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) to promote sustainable development for community. Through implementing a variety of conservation initiatives, GEG’s flagship property Galaxy Macau™ has successfully embedded the concept of sustainability into its daily operation and becomes the first integrated resort to receive the ISO 14001 certificate for establishing an effective environmental management system in both the hotel and back-office area.

As part of its sustainability efforts, last year, Galaxy Macau developed a set of environmental management system in accordance with the ISO14001 standard to be put into practice across all business aspects. The resort property has achieved over 5 million KWh saving in the past year through making substantial investment on facility improvement and retrofit projects, such as optimization of chiller plants and boilers, use of LEDs and motion sensors.

The system also proves to be effective in reducing water consumption. Through adopting a variety of water-saving measures such as water flow restriction and recycling condensate water for irrigation, Galaxy Macau saved water of one million liters in a year, equaling the total volume of daily water intake for 500,000 adults. Moreover, recycling bins are placed at different parts of the resort property to collect wastes such as paper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans from the guests and team members.

With a strong sense of environmental responsibility, GEG endeavors to foster a green culture within its hotel properties through various environmental measures, to ensure not only the best service standard but also a safe and eco-friendly environment for visiting guests to enjoy a wide range of leisure and entertainment amenities. The ISO 14001 certificate received by Galaxy Macau is a great encouragement for GEG to further expand its effort on environmental stewardship.

In addition to introducing or optimizing hardware facilities for energy conservation, Galaxy Macau organizes regular trainings and seminars since last year to enhance ecological awareness and improve understanding of the resort’s environmental management system among its team members. Furthermore, this year will be the sixth consecutive year for GEG to participate in the annual WWF’s “Earth Hour”. Two of its flagship properties, StarWorld Hotel and Galaxy Macau, will turn off their external lighting for one hour on Saturday to promote environmental awareness.