Members of GEG Youth Achievement Program Organize Blindfold Workshop to Let Participants Experience Life without Sight

April 21, 2014 - The annual Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”) was kicked off by Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and Macau Management Association in October last year. Now in its third term, the six-month program continues to provide a variety of training activities and practical opportunities for its members to organize community events and develop their expertise. Six of the members received the Community Citizenship Contribution Award for organizing a blindfold workshop which allowed local youngsters to explore the daily life of people with visual impairment.

Joined by over 30 local young people recruited through the social networking websites, the workshop began with a blindfold run at the Guia Hill Health Trail. Divided into pairs of a blindfolded runner and a sighted guide, the participants embarked on their running challenge with only a string attached to each one of their wrists. About ten members of Macau People with Visually Impaired Right Promotion Association also took part in the workshop to give instructions to the participants, so that they could learn to trust and support each other throughout the run.

The second challenge of the workshop was a blindfold lunch at a restaurant. Eating without being able to see is by no means an easy task, but the unique experience made the participants realize the importance of protecting their eyesight, and how much the visually impaired people need acceptance and support of the community. The president of Macau People with Visually Impaired Right Promotion Association praised the YAP members for organizing this meaningful workshop and said, “The everyday life of people with visual impairment is pretty much the same as that of everyone else. We definitely need more activities like this to reduce misconception about people with visual impairment and help them integrate into society.”

“Young people spend too much time on electronic devices. Not only that their sight will be damaged, but they may also experience social isolation. We hope that the workshop can enhance awareness of sight protection among the participants and help them become a caring person,” said Ju Mei Hung, one of the YAP members who organize the workshop. “After the blindfold activity, we continue to run with the members of Macau People with Visually Impaired Right Promotion Association on a regular basis and developed new friendship with them. This is the reward we cherish the most.”

With the theme of “Touch Macau”, the first mini project of YAP required the members to organize community activities that probed into any one of the social issues. It aimed to facilitate community interaction throughout the design and preparation process, and thus strengthen the members’ knowledge of the society of Macau. Aside from the blindfold workshop, other projects include visiting charity organizations, protecting abandoned animals and providing service to visitors at tourist attractions. The YAP members are required to complete another mini project “Discover Macau” later on, before they enter into a final contest to compete for the Asian City Study Tour.