GEG Hosts Rice Dumpling Workshop and Delivers 100 Dumplings to Elderly Home

May 29, 2014 - With Dragon Boat Festival just a few days away, Staff Social Club of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) hosted a fun-filled workshop for the team members to learn to make traditional rice dumplings from the master chef of Galaxy Macau™. They also took this opportunity to make 100 rice dumplings for the elderly residents of Betania Elderly Home to delivery some festive warmth and blessings to them.

Held at Galaxy Hotel™ on Tuesday, the workshop invited Yip Kam Fai, Sous Chef at Galaxy Macau, to demonstrate how to make rice dumplings with traditional ingredients such as abalone, dried scallops and roasted ducks. Mr. Yip is the Gold Pin winner of Chinese Cook - Cantonese Dim Sum (Intermediate Level) at “Macao Occupational Skills Recognition System”, and he has thoroughly enjoyed his first-ever cooking class that allowed him to showcase his specialty. “I am very happy that Staff Social Club organized this workshop for the team members to learn how to make traditional Chinese food and to make heartwarming gifts for their loved ones. It also gave me a chance to make use of my skills outside the kitchen,” he said.

This is already the second year for Staff Social Club to organize the workshop. The participants took on a bigger challenge to make five angle-shaped dumplings that require more time and skills. The most difficult part was to make sure that all angles were in good shape but the participants were able to accomplish their target with the help from one another. Mr. Yip then selected three of the best dumplings and rewarded each of their makers an “extra-large dumpling” which was made with a double amount of ingredients.

The team members of GEG also made 100 rice dumplings for the elderly residents of Betania Elderly Home to bring them some festive joy and blessings. Many of the elderly residents have made rice dumplings for their family before and therefore they understood the amount of time and hard work that have to be put in. They were all very thankful for the surprising gifts from GEG, which have provided them some terrific food to enjoy while watching the dragon boat races.