GEG Organized Soccer Tournament for Team Members

July 14, 2014 - With all the excitement surrounding the FIFA World Cup, the Staff Social Club of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) recently organized a soccer tournament for the second year at Workers Stadium. The fun-filled, energetic sports day has not only brought together 170 participants, including the GEG team members and their friends and family members, but it was also joined by the GEG executives and the players from GEG Soccer Team who formed two teams to present an exhibition game.

The participating team members of GEG were divided into eight teams to engage in a series of exciting elimination games, before the undefeated team left as the champion. “We are all very passionate about the sport and have developed great rapport after practicing together for many times,” said Ronald Leung, the captain of the champion team. “While coping with the hot weather, we were still able to play our best and took home the grand trophy. We are very proud of our performance.”

In addition, a number of GEG executives partnered with the members of GEG Soccer Team to present an exhibition game and enjoyed an intense, yet friendly, competition with one another. The tournament was also joined by the friends and family members who cheered for every goal scored by the teams they supported along the sidelines.

Staff Social Club of GEG hosted the soccer tournament for the second year not only to raise awareness about the benefits of physical activities, but also to improve communication and teamwork among the team members of GEG. Greatly encouraged by the tremendous support from the team members, Staff Social Club will continue to provide a vibrant platform for team members to develop their interest and potential through a variety of activities.