Notice to Public Relating to the Fraudulent Websites

August 27, 2014 - We would like to bring to the public’s attention that recently, it came to our attention that our hotels and/or resort properties’ trade names, trademarks, photo images and customer services hotlines have been exploited by the illegal and unauthorized online gaming and betting websites under the names of, including without limitation, “Galaxy Macau Casino” (, “Galaxy Entertainment City”, “Macau Galaxy Entertainment City” etc., for the purpose of misleading members of the public.

Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) hereby declares that the Group and all of our properties, including Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Macau Hotel have no affiliations with any online gambling and betting sites (including those mentioned above) nor have we authorized any websites and/or related companies to carry out any form of online gambling and betting activities for and on behalf of the Group. Should any member of the public suspect of any fraudulent websites, and/or being cheated or approached by any suspicious persons, we urge you to contact the police. The Group shall not be responsible for any losses or damages that may result from any person’s access and/or use of fraudulent websites. The Group reserves the rights to take legal action against any individual and/or entity that infringes on the Group’s corporate identity and/or exploits the use of its properties names.

We hereby highlight the following guidelines, which are designed to protect you.

• Always access the Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Macau Hotel web sites by typing and respectively, prevent any misdirection by a third party to a bogus web site.

• Bogus look-alike websites are designed to trick customers into divulging their personal information. Should you encounter a suspicious website claiming to be offered by Galaxy Macau™ or StarWorld Macau Hotel, exit the website immediately. Do not follow any of the instructions on the website. Instead, please report the incident at once to our company.

• Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Macau Hotel do not make unsolicited requests for your personal information through e-mail or on the telephone unless you have initiated the contact. If you encounter such an unsolicited request purporting to be from Galaxy Macau™ and/or StarWorld Macau Hotel, please report the incident at once to our Group.

Should you encounter any scam website, please contact your local police and report to us via email at We will evaluate and take immediate action if the incident is confirmed as a scam website.