“GEG Youth Achievement Program” Offered a Rewarding Cultural Experience in Sri Lanka to Winners of Final Competition

September 4, 2014 - Following the completion of the 3rd “GEG Youth Achievement Program” organized by Macau Management Association (“MMA”) and Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”), the program’s final competition winners set off for a study tour in Sri Lanka where they experienced first-hand the social conditions as well as the local history and culture. The members not only explored famous Sri Lankan landmarks and scenic spots, but they also visited and interacted with children in a local charity association. This vision-broadening tour has inspired the members to cherish what they have and to feel content and grateful towards their surroundings.

Accompanied by the instructors from MMA and GEG, the six members who had won the final competition of the Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”) went on a six-day visit to Sri Lanka in late August to engage in an array of meaningful activities. By visiting Dammbulla Cave Temple, Sigiriya and The Temple of Tooth Relic and many other famous landmarks, the YAP members gained a better understanding of the religion, culture and background history of Sri Lanka. They also paid a visit to a local charity association, “Home of Hope”, in Kandy where they spent an engaging morning painting, singing and dancing with the children. Through these interactive activities, the members and the children were able to overcome the language barrier. In expressing gratitude to the group, the children dressed up in traditional costumes and performed a traditional folk dance.

“‘Home of Hope’ is a voluntary social service organization aiming to provide love, care, education, food and clothing to children from impoverished homes or problem families,” said Mr. Alfie Perera and Mrs Sharmini Perera, a couple managing the children’s home. “We are delighted to have the group spending time with the children. Although it is only for one day, the children feel the love and care through their interactions.”

Not only has the six-day study tour to Sri Lanka broadened the horizon of the YAP members, but it has also changed their perspective on certain values. “In Sri Lanka, I observed that people there live a simple life. Especially when visiting the “Home of Hope”, I was deeply moved and yet felt their happiness in living stably yet simply. Living in the city, we always focus on pursuing materialistic gain without cherishing those that are truly valuable to us. Through this study tour, I have learnt to be content and grateful for all that I have,” said Pun Long Cheng, one of the YAP members in her second year at the University of Macau. “Moreover, by participating in ‘GEG Youth Achievement Program’, we had to encounter a series of training programs where we worked closely together with our teammates. By fighting for a common goal, we not only developed close friendships but I also learnt to admire my teammates’ virtues.”

This serves as the first time GEG has invited an executive from the management team to participate and act as a mentor in the study tour. Mr. Chandana Amarawardana, the Vice President of Housekeeping & Environment Services of Galaxy MacauTM said, “As a Sri Lankan, I am pleased to have this opportunity to join the YAP members and learn more about the history while participating in cultural exchanging activities with my country. I am deeply impressed by the critical thinking the members demonstrated and am delighted to see that they have been inspired by the experiences throughout their trip. This study tour is definitely a great learning opportunity not only for me but also for the YAP members.”

Targeting local youths between 18 and 27, the “GEG Youth Achievement Program” aimed to help the participants discover personal strengths through a range of team-building activities and volunteer work. The fourth term of “GEG Youth Achievement Program” will be launched in the near future. For further information, please pay attention to the announcement of the organizers.