Galaxy Entertainment Group Spread Care to Rural School Through Donation and School Visit

September 22, 2014 - Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been constantly contributing to the community through various approaches. Expressing concern to the rural education in Mainland China, GEG donated RMB 100,000 to a rural school in Lianping County, Heyuan City of Guangdong province for school renovation to improve the learning environment for the students. Spreading love and care to the rural children, GEG volunteers paid a visit to the school on the first day of the new school year.

After a seven-hour bus journey, 14 members of GEG volunteer team arrived at Mi Xi Primary School in Lianping County, receiving a warm welcome from the principal, teachers and students, they joined a school tour led by the principle who expressed the gratitude of the teaching staff and students for the generous donation of GEG, “With GEG’s donation, we have renovated the rough and uneven ground of the playground where sporting facilities such as basketball stands are equipped to enrich the extracurricular activities of the students. Besides, the learning environment is significantly improved by installing water dispensers in each classrooms and replacing new water taps. We are very grateful to the great support extended by GEG and Macau compatriots”.

The volunteers grasped the opportunity to join the teachers and students in the flagraising ceremony to welcome the new school year. As a token of encouragement, the volunteers distributed bundle of gifts including stationery sets and food to each student who were very glad for the gift. A six-grade primary student said, “I appreciate GEG for its financial support for the school’s renovation and I am delighted to have this fine stationary, I will cherish them and work hard so that I won’t disappoint my parents and everyone who cares about me.”

Playing and talking with the students, the volunteers also cleaned the classrooms with them, filling every corner of the school smiles and laughter. Ringo Sou, a volunteer from the table games department said, “We should learn from the students living in rural areas who are positive, optimistic and determined despite leading a hard life, the visit also reminds us of staying in gratitude as even a pencil can mean a lot to those rural students.” He added that he would definitely participate in similar activities in the future to spread care to those in need.

GEG has been adhering to the philosophy “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community” since its operation. Organized in 2011, GEG Volunteer Team has served more than 2,000 hours in spreading care to social service agencies and the underprivileged. GEG will continue to care for the community through fulfilling the corporate social responsibility commitment to contribute towards the prosperity of Macau and Mainland China.