Sheng Kung Hui and Galaxy Entertainment Group held “The Joy Station” to Promote Responsible Gaming

Sheng Kung Hui of Macau has recently organized five rounds of “The Joy Station” in collaboration with Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) for the team members aiming to assist them to understand and deal with stress, as well as to encourage them to develop a positive attitude toward life. As the knowledge of responsible gaming is closely bound up with a healthy life, GEG therefore held “The Responsible Gaming Knowledge Quiz” for the second consecutive year, with the purpose of promoting a better understanding of responsible gaming among the team members.

Having been dedicated to promoting the importance of work-life balance and healthy lifestyle, GEG organized five rounds of “The Joy Station” with Sheng Kung Hui Gambling Counseling and Family Wellness Centre at Galaxy Macau™, StarWorld Hotel and City Clubs, attracting more than 800 employees. Not only did the participants realize their happiness index by filling in a questionnaire regarding their current lifestyle which was analyzed immediately by on-spot social workers, but they were also encouraged to develop a positive and optimistic attitude towards life by thinking of good memories or things that have happened in their lives, writing down and posting them.

Since the knowledge of responsible gaming is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, GEG held “The Responsible Gaming Knowledge Quiz” for two consecutive years for the team members who could review relevant knowledge such as behaviors of problem gambling, self-exclusion and gaming ordinances. The three-week activity received overwhelming response with a total of over 600 participants, who if answered all questions correctly would enter the lucky draw to win fabulous prizes. GEG offers a wide range of preemptive activities as well as works closely with different professional associations to promote responsible gaming and extend support to team members and their families through various initiatives such as providing around-the-clock telephone counseling, individual face-to-face counseling and online counseling, attaching great importance to the physical and mental health of the team members.