Field Trip to Galaxy Macau Inspires Students to Go Green

Oct 13, 2014 - To raise environmental awareness among the youth and to encourage them to go green in their daily lives, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has recently offered third-year students of Institute for Tourism Studies a field trip to Galaxy Macau™ where they learnt about a wide range of energy-saving initiatives, such as turning food waste into fertilizer, reducing pollution and oil consumption as well as participating in a glass bottle recycling campaign.

The field trip began with an introduction of GEG’s environmental missions and promises as well as a variety of green initiatives adopted in its daily operation, such as trash recycling, waste classification, energy conservation and emission reduction. After paying a visit to the back-office area of Galaxy Macau, the students better understood how the resort manages the vast amount of daily food scraps. After being processed in food waste machines, the scraps are reduced by 70 percent in size and are then converted into organic fertilizers which would eventually be used to irrigate the nurseries and gardens of the resort. Additionally, the students also learnt about the theory and operation of the oil filter which not only saves the environment, but also reduces oil consumption to about 50 percent. This, in turn, significantly reduces the cost of waste disposal, the amount of oil dumped in landfills and incinerators, with the purpose of developing a recycling ecosystem.

In addition to visiting the resort’s central chiller plant which helps reduce the energy consumption of the air-conditioner unit, the students were also briefed on the glass bottle recycling scheme in collaboration with Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macau government. Interested in a series of environmental measures adopted by the resort and appreciative of how the hotel offers cordial hospitality to the guests while taking care of the environment, a student said, “Galaxy Macau sets a good role model and encourages other companies to be environmentally responsible. As a socially responsible corporation, Galaxy Macau fosters the sustainable use of resources and protects the city’s environment through concrete action.” Other students also learnt a lot from this field trip and were inspired to go green in their daily lives by developing a reducing, reusing and recycling habit.

This year, Galaxy Macau became the first integrated resort to receive the ISO 14001 certificate for establishing an effective environmental management system in both the hotel and back-office area. With a strong sense of sustainable development, GEG will continue to expand its effort on environmental awareness and to help shape a more eco-conscious Macau.