Volunteer Team of Galaxy Entertainment Group Paid Visit to “Peng On Tung” Elderly Users

December 10, 2014 - Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always regarded the elderly people as valuable resources to our community, as they made great contribution to the society. Recently, 50 GEG volunteers paid home visit to “Peng On Tung” elderly users ahead of the Christmas season. Having conversation with the elderly, GEG volunteers also presented them with Christmas gifts, as a way of showing care for the elderly.

Bringing along the gift bags of blankets, thermos and scarfs knitted by GEG volunteers, a group of volunteers have made 50 home visits to “Peng On Tung” elderly users. As the temperature dropped sharply on that day, the volunteers reminded the elderly to wrap up warm and eat nutritious food. They also checked the “Peng On Tung” devices and filled out surveys for the elderly to know their needs.

The visit of GEG volunteer fills the home of elderly with warmth and love despite the cold weather. The volunteers had conversation with the elderly who shared their personal stories energetically. An elder laughed and said that he felt ten years younger when he talked with the volunteers. “They reminded me of my young age when I strived for my family, I felt fulfilled and delighted although it was tough.” He also encouraged the volunteers to stick to their goals despite difficulties and challenges as persistence is essential to success.