Galaxy Entertainment Group Hosted Uniform Design Competition Award Ceremony

Dec 17, 2014 - Galaxy Macau™ - Grand Resort Deck Uniform Design Competition Award Ceremony was held on Wednesday. The competition was jointly organized by Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (“CPTTM”) and Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”), in concert with the Macau SAR government’s effort in promoting cultural and creative industry in the recent years. GEG hosted this uniform competition with the aims of providing local fashion designers a platform to showcase their creativity and exhibiting tourists from around the world Macau’s original fashion design artwork.

The ceremony was hosted at Galaxy Hotel™ and was attended by guests of honor including Dr. Shuen Ka Hung, Director General of CPTTM and Ms. Victoria Kuan, Senior Manager of CPTTM. They were also joined by Mr. Roger Lienhard, Senior Vice President of Hospitality of Galaxy Macau, Mr. Buddy Lam, Vice President of Public Relations of GEG, Mr. Christopher Lawford, Vice President of Human Resources and Administration of Macau Corporate, and Mr. Chandana Amarawardana, Vice President of Housekeeping & Environmental Services of Galaxy Macau, in presenting awards to the winners. In the artwork of Jane Chan who was the winner of the competition, cerulean blue was used as the main color of the Deck’s uniforms while lifeguards’ uniform features a mixture of yellow and green, in harmony with the ambience and environment of the Deck, leaving the guests of Galaxy Macau vivid and energetic impression and winning the favor of the judges. Jane said that the award had given her a huge boost in confidence, adding that she would strive to achieve the goal of being a successful fashion designer though the industry is still in an early stage of development.

In recent years, The Macau SAR government has been promoting cultural and creative industry while the development of fashion design is one of the key elements. In an effort to work with the government in facilitating the industry, GEG organized the competition with CPTTM in hopes of encouraging local young people and designers with a passion for fashion design to demonstrate their creativity as well as showcasing local fashion design artwork to the tourists from all over the world.

Galaxy Macau - Grand Resort Deck Uniform Design Competition required the entrants to design uniform breaking into four variations namely male, female, summer and winter, for the team members of the Grand Resort Deck such as managers, attendants and lifeguards. Designed to be worn comfortably, the uniform also required to feature a leisurely, modern and energetic style in harmony with the ambience of the Deck. Jane Chan, Esther Leong, Carlos Wong were named winner, first runner-up and second runner-up respectively in the competition which offered prizes worth MOP$30,000.