Galaxy Entertainment Group and Hong Kong’s Construction Sector’s Soccer Teams Engage in Friendly Matches

January 14, 2015 - The Staff Social Club of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has recently held friendly soccer matches with the Hong Kong construction sector to encourage its staff members to exercise more, uplift their team spirit and strengthen positivity in the community. The event is GEG Soccer Team’s first match in 2015 and serves as a warm-up to the upcoming second annual “GEG Lunar New Year Soccer Cup”. The participants brought their family members and friends to cheer on the sidelines while enjoying a lively afternoon.

Divided into two matches, the event consisted of GEG Soccer Team, formed by team members and executives, playing against Hong Kong construction sector’s Elite Team and Elderly Team. Despite the friendly nature of the matches, each participant at the Workers Stadium gave their utmost effort and exerted their best performance in scoring. After two intense competitions, the GEG Soccer Team emerged as winners in both matches.

Ronald Leung, captain of GEG Soccer Team, was extremely satisfied with the performance of his teammates. “We played against representatives of the Hong Kong construction sector who can be considered as our peers, as some of our players also come from our Engineering department,” he said. “Although only friendly matches, we all took them seriously and intensified the competition. The effort exerted by each of my teammates was key to our victory which symbolizes a good start for us in 2015.”

Family members and friends of nearly 30 players showed their support and cheered on the soccer teams while exchanging New Year’s greetings. A great roar of applause and cheer broke out in the stadium whenever a goal was struck, taking the atmosphere to a higher level. The Staff Social Club of GEG will host “GEG Lunar New Year Soccer Cup” in March and the friendly matches serve as a warm-up to the competition. The Staff Social Club is greatly encouraged by the support and participation from the soccer fans of the team members and the peers of the Hong Kong construction sector, and plans to continue hosting various events in the coming year to provide a platform for GEG team members to develop their interests and unleash their potential.