GEG Staff Social Club Hosts 2nd Lunar New Year Soccer Cup to Enhance Team Bonding

March 3, 2015 – The Staff Social Club of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) hosted the “GEG Lunar New Year Soccer Cup” for the second consecutive year, encouraging its team members to exercise more and improving their team spirits. The seven-a-side soccer competition attracted more than 100 team members to compete for the championship in this festive season. The players also brought their colleagues, family members and friends to cheer them on the sidelines, and all enjoyed an afternoon of fun and excitement.

The Lunar New Year Soccer Cup, originally planned for the participation of six teams only, was a big hit among the team members this year, and at last nine teams of more than 110 players were allowed to join. The players came from different GEG departments including two teams formed by the table games department of StarWorld Hotel. Despite the friendly nature of the competition, all the players treated the games with high regard, gave their utmost effort and strived to score during the matches at the Workers Stadium on Sunday.

After five hours of warm-up, elimination rounds and a final, as well as an exhibition match featuring the GEG executives, the team composed of the members of Casino Customer Services Department won the trophy. Raymond Ng, captain of the winning team, was very satisfied with the performance of his players. “All the teams gave their best and had outstanding performance. Even though we are all from the GEG family and work closely together, we took the competition seriously. We won the championship title this year, thanks to the perseverance and teamwork of my teammates,” he said.

Family members, friends and colleagues of the GEG players gathered on the sidelines to cheer for their teams, taking the opportunity to exchange New Year greetings and wishes as well. Roars of applauses and cheers broke out in the stadium whenever a goal was struck, making the atmosphere more vibrant. Held for the first time last year, the “GEG Lunar New Year Soccer Cup” strives to promote the importance of exercise in the work-life balance among the team members. With the aim to enhance the team bonding through facilitating communications of the team members, the GEG Staff Social Club is greatly encouraged by the support of over 100 members in the event. It pledges to continue hosting diverse types of events and to provide a platform for the team members to develop their interests and potentials.