Galaxy Entertainment Group Promotes Responsible Gaming; Targeting 9,000 Team Members within Four Months Through Its Online Training Program

March 24, 2015 – Committed to promoting responsible gaming initiatives, Galaxy Entertainment Group ("GEG") not only provides relevant information for its guests but also offers all-rounded training programs for its team members. Aiming to deliver responsible gaming messages effectively to frontline team members, GEG held its Responsible Gaming Online Refreshment Training to enhance their awareness of responsible gaming and gambling-related behaviors. Held for four months, the online program targets 9,000 frontline team members and allows them to efficiently learn more about responsible gaming with flexible schedules.

With a rapidly expanding team, GEG has provided the online training program for more than 9,000 team members since last month to advocate responsible gaming with a more effective approach. The targeted participants come from departments of Table Games, Security, Cage, Surveillance and Electronic Games at Galaxy Macau™, StarWorld Hotel and City Clubs of GEG. Within four months, team members may access the online course at any time where learning content include photos and animations, thus, providing a more flexible, productive and lively learning environment. Serving as a refresher course for team members on their knowledge of responsible gaming, the training program enables them to provide effective assistance to guests suffering from gambling disorder.

Furthermore, GEG strives to enhance the awareness of responsible gaming among team members at assistant-manager level or above where two experts, Professor Davis Fong, Director of Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming at the University of Macau, and Mr. Lawrence Lee, an addiction specialist, were invited to deliver a threehour training course for nearly 20 members of GEG’s Responsible Gaming Committee last week. The training focused on problem gambling causes, the history of its evolution, behavioral symptoms, treatment methods and the latest development and related measures.

Samuel Lei from the Cage department at StarWorld Casino expressed that the training helped him understand more about the importance of responsible gaming and said, “The three-hour course is very comprehensive. I have learned a lot more about the latest policies of responsible gaming and have grasped better insights in identifying gambling-related behaviors. This can greatly sharpen our ability to help guests in solving their queries.” He added that the promotion of responsible gaming helps both guests and frontline team members, who can better understand the positive attitude towards gambling behaviors, to ensure a healthy development of the industry.