Galaxy Entertainment Group Spreads Care to the Underprivileged Through a Workshop and Donation

April 1, 2015 – As a responsible corporate citizen, Galaxy Entertainment Group ("GEG") always supports and participates in various community and volunteering activities in Macau. With Easter fast approaching, GEG visited Associação dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau and donated MOP 100,000 in support of its charitable work. During the visit, GEG volunteer team specially hosted a festive “Easter Bunny Cookies Decoration Workshop” and made Easter cookies with the members of the association.

Ms. Sandra Lia, Chief Executive Director of Associação dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau, expressed her gratitude to GEG for the donation and bringing laughter and blessings to their members. She said, “The donation would help us further refine our facilities and subsidize the needy. Not only has GEG constantly advanced Macau’s social and economic development, but it has also continuously supported those in need in the community. Moreover, the workshop would further help to enhance the members’ emotional management and knowledge of the community.” Mr. Buddy Lam, Vice President of Public Relations of GEG said, “GEG has always been actively involved in local community services and taken pride in its commitment to making valuable contributions to Macau. I hope the workshop brings festive joy to the members of the association and shows our support to the community.”

Led by the staff of the association, the members were all very excited to meet the GEG volunteers and greeted them with endearing smiles last Wednesday. With the help of the GEG volunteers, the members were able to showcase their creativity by decorating one-of-a-kind bunny cookies with colorful decorative garnishes and icing sugar. After decorating the bunny cookies, the GEG volunteer team ended the workshop by singing with the members and clapping to the beat, thus, creating a fun and festive atmosphere.

Gary Lam, a GEG volunteer from the table games department, believed that this activity is fulfilling and said, “This is a truly meaningful activity. As the saying goes, ‘giving is better than receiving’, I learnt to be content and grateful for what I have through this workshop.”