Galaxy Entertainment Group Actively Trains Local Team Members to Advance Their Upward Mobility; 80,000 Team Members Participated in Various Internal Training Courses, 80% of Promotions Involves Local Team Members

April 29, 2015 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) continues expanding its business, with the upcoming openings of Galaxy Macau™ Phase 2 and Broadway Macau on May 27. The two new projects will feature many non-gaming elements and require a large number of talents for delivering the highest quality of services to guests. As a patriotic, Chinese-owned enterprise, GEG is concerned about the training and advancement of its team members, as well as how they can achieve their career goals. With regard to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, GEG pays particular attention to the cultivation of local team members and the advancement of their upward mobility, thus, the Group gives local team members priority for promotions to management positions.

As of today, GEG has close to 20,000 team members of which 70% are locals. Since 2004, GEG has promoted 7,293 local team members which accounts for nearly 80% of all promotions. In the next two months, 687 team members will receive promotions and 98% of them will be for locals, marking a new high for the number of promotions involving local team members in the recent years.

Apart from offering team members with opportunities for promotions, GEG also emphasizes on providing training to team members, which does not only enhance their quality and work performances, but also allows them to unleash their potentials and achieve greater job satisfaction. Since 2004, GEG has hosted a wide range of training courses for more than 80,000 participants, of which 85% are locals. The training courses cover a wide range of topics, including language proficiency, information technology, occupational health and safety, and personal interests.

In pursuance of grooming potential team members to assume management positions and enhancing the skills of the management team, GEG started offering the “GEG Leaders Program” in 2011. To date, the program has drawn 2,000 participants, with 80% of them being local team members. Besides internal training, GEG also encourages team members to spend their free time on continuing their education and provides support to outstanding team members in studying the “Diploma in Casino Management” and “Advanced Diploma in Gaming Management” programs offered by the University of Macau. Peter Chan, a Shift Manager of Casino Customer Services Department at Galaxy Macau, is one of many examples of team members who have been spending their free time to study the two diploma programs. Continuous education, plus an outstanding work performance has earned him three promotions since he joined GEG five years ago.

Raven Kou, Manager of VIP Services at Galaxy Macau, has learned a lot from the workshops hosted by GEG, such as the “Workshop for Problem Solving Skills” and “Workshop for Decision-Making Skills”. He said, “These different workshops have greatly sharpened my servicing skills. I have never imagined I could benefit so much before joining the courses.” He expresses gratitude to GEG for cherishing talents and emphasizing on promoting from within, as most supervisors and managers have been promoted from the entry level. He added that team members could be transferred to other departments for short-term cross-training which allows them to take up different experiences that become useful for their future promotions to management positions.

In addition to training and development, GEG has always taken a proactive role in supporting local businesses, especially in giving priority to cooperating with local SMEs in sectors such as food & beverage, engineering, renovation and maintenance, and in other areas that relate to the Group’s business. GEG is currently working with 5,620 registered suppliers. Last year, GEG spent more than MOP9.3 billion on procurement, and up to 81% of which was paid to Macau suppliers.

In March this year, GEG held the “Broadway Macau Cooperating Brands and Partnering SMEs Launching Ceremony”, where owners and representatives of more than 20 cooperating brands were invited to attend the ceremony. The cooperating brands are renowned, time-honored local brands with 80% of them cooperating with a large-scale gaming operator for the first time. Through this partnership, GEG hopes to provide SMEs with support in areas such as management, maintenance, security, cleaning, finance, team member training and marketing, to ensure their smooth operations and work hand-in-hand with SMEs to promote their local brands and achieve a “win-win” outcome.