GEG Dragon Boat Team Holds Ritual Ceremony to Get Ready for “2015 Macau International Dragon Boat Races”

May 13, 2015 – Preserving the traditional Chinese culture and promoting sports, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) will once again have six teams to join the “2015 Macau International Dragon Boat Races” this year to compete with athletes from Macau and around the world. As the annual race will kick off in mid-June, over 100 team members of GEG gathered at Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre on Tuesday to attend the Dragon Boat Ritual Ceremony. It is a traditional practice to extend blessings to team members participating in the races, wishing them row together as a team to achieve new heights.

At the day of the ceremony, 66 athletes of the GEG Dragon Boat Team and other team members gathered at Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre to witness the ritual ceremony, bestowing good fortune to the six dragon boats that will take part in the race, including Galaxy Stars, Galaxy Pearl, Galaxy Universe, Galaxy Glamour, Galaxy Phoenix and Galaxy Elegance. Among the attendees were also the GEG executives who officiated the ceremony, including Ms. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources & Administration of GEG, Mr. John Au, Senior Director of Business Development of GEG and Director of Operations of Broadway Macau & City Clubs, Mr. Richard Longhurst, Director of Operations of Galaxy Macau™, Mr. Charles So, Director of Operations of StarWorld Hotel, Mr. Trevor Martin, Director of Human Resources and Administration of GEG, Ms. Joana Barnes, Chairperson of GEG Staff Social Club and other GEG executive members. Besides dotting the eyes of the dragon boats and cutting a suckling pig as part of the traditional rituals, the executives also gave the team members red packets as an auspicious gesture to wish them success in the upcoming races.

Tyson Hoi, Captain of the GEG Dragon Boat Team, said, “I would like to express my gratitude to GEG and the team members who share the same passion with me to establish the Dragon Boat Team. The encouragement and support from everyone in GEG, as well as the enthusiasm and perseverance of my fellow teammates, have helped the Dragon Boat Team to expand and accomplish outstanding results over the years.” He hopes the GEG Dragon Boat Team can reach new heights this year.Afterwards, the six dragon boats were rowed around the Nam Van Lake, symbolizing that the team will strive for their best to win the races with the blessings of the executives and other team members.

This year marks the tenth consecutive year for the GEG Dragon Boat Team to take part in the annual Macau International Dragon Boat Races. Last year the team achieved impressive results, including winning the 500-Meter Standard Dragon Boat Race in the Men’s and Women’s Categories, taking home a championship and a first runner-up award in the 200-Meter Small Dragon Boat Race in Women’s Category, as well as a second runner-up title in the Men’s 200-Meter Small Dragon Boat Race.