Notice to Public Relating to the Recent Telephone Scams for Hotel Room Package and Other Hotel Promotions

It has come to our attention that there are organized crimes relating to the fraudulent sale and promotion of our hotel room and other packages through telephone calls with the purpose of defrauding members of the public to provide personal and credit card information. 

Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited and its subsidiaries (“GEG”) and all of our properties, including Galaxy Macau™, StarWorld Hotel and Broadway Hotel have not conducted telephone sale and marketing of our hotel room and other packages; nor have we made any unsolicited requests for your personal and/or credit card information through e-mail or telephone call to conduct any transaction.  GEG has not authorized any person or company of any origin to do the same for and on our behalf.

Should you be doubtful about any telephone calls and/or being approached by any suspicious persons soliciting for your personal and/or credit card information; or if you become aware of any loss or unauthorized use of your personal and/or credit card information, we urge you to contact your local police and/or credit card issuing bank immediately.  And, in any case, you are reminded not to disclose any personal and/or credit card information tothe unknown persons. GEG shall not be responsible for any loss or damage thereof.  All liabilities associated with such organized crimes are hereby expressly disclaimed by us.

GEG would like to stress that we will reserve the right to take legal action against any person and/or company that infringes on our corporate identity and/or exploits the use of its properties names and other intellectual properties.

We hereby highlight the following guidelines, which are designed to protect you.

• Always access the Galaxy Macau, StarWorld Macau Hotel and Broadway Macau™ websites by typing, and respectively, to prevent any misdirection by a third party to a bogus website.

• Should you encounter a suspicious telephone call claiming to be from Galaxy Macau, StarWorld Hotel or Broadway Hotel or Galaxy Entertainment Group and soliciting you to provide any person and/or credit card information, please report the incident to the local police immediately.  Should you have any queries, please contact our customer service for enquiries.