GEG Promotes Inclusion of the Handicapped and Disadvantaged by Inviting Macau Charitable Associations to set up Booths in Broadway Macau

August 26, 2015 – In establishing a platform for the handicapped and disadvantaged to showcase their talents and to give back to the community, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) partnered with Macau charitable associations to set up booths selling snacks and handicrafts in The Broadway of Broadway Macau™ for the first time. Aiming to inject local diversified elements into Broadway Macau, this partnership program also offers valuable learning opportunities for the handicapped and disadvantaged regarding teamwork and inclusion into society. Through developing their confidence, GEG hopes to encourage society’s mutual caring and understanding of those who are handicapped and disadvantaged.

Recently, GEG invited the Association of Parents of the Mentally Challenged of Macau and Richmond Fellowship of Macau to participate in this program where GEG provided the booths and necessary equipment in Broadway Macau, while the associations brought mentors and members of their association to showcase and sell their handmade snacks and handicrafts. Guided by the mentors, the members made the snacks and handicrafts and further learned the communication skills and attitudes required to greet guests while selling their products. Furthermore, the mentors continuously encouraged the members to be proactive so as to build up their confidence and find satisfaction in their work. From purchasing materials to producing, selling and managing the cost and income, the members capably completed this process on their own and their efforts were fully recognized by customers who complimented them on this impressive feat.

Mr. Chang, President of the Association of Parents of the Mentally Challenged of Macau, thanked GEG’s support in offering such an innovative way to expose members to the public while facilitating a better understanding of the society and said, “participating in this project marks a milestone for the Association. Not only does it provide members a chance to be exposed to a wide range of guests and enhance their interaction between one another, but it also teaches them to be independent. Apart from gaining satisfaction in working, the members also got along well with guests, mentors and other team members. For this, they really enjoyed and treasured this working experience in Broadway Macau.”

Ms. Chan, Head of the Administration Department of the Richmond Fellowship of Macau said, “I am delighted that this project provides a platform for the public to appreciate the members’ handmade porcelain items and potted plants. When introducing their products to guests, the members exuded excitement and were overjoyed when the products were successfully sold, which only shows the recognition and appreciation of their hard work.” GEG will continue to advocate diversified social activities for the handicapped and disadvantaged to display their talents in contributing to the development of Macau’s society.