The Seventh “Galaxy Got Talent” Grand Final will be held on Thursday; Participants to Showcase their Talents in the Broadway Theater

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) strives to fulfill its social responsibility and create a diverse and inclusive culture where GEG team members can interact and share their talents with local disadvantaged groups. Now in its seventh year, the “Galaxy Got Talent” Grand Final will be held in the Broadway Theater this Thursday to promote social cohesion and harmony. Service users from Macao Special Olympics “BEEz” band have been invited to the Grand Final to deliver a guest performance and all proceeds from the event’s ticket sales will go to Macao Special Olympics in support of their daily operations and service expansion.

GEG pays close attention to the needs of the disadvantaged and hopes to help them integrate into society through developing their potentials, showcasing their talents, and raising public awareness. This year, GEG has invited Macao Special Olympics “BEEz” band, an ensemble formed by the association’s service users to help kick-off the Grand Final with a classic Cantopop song performance. Moreover, with the recent grand opening of Broadway Macau™ in May, GEG has relocated the event from the previous Galaxy Macau™ East Square to the Broadway Theater so that audiences and finalists alike can enjoy a more spectacular experience.

Launched in 2009, the annual “Galaxy Got Talent” attracts the participation of many team members.  This year, a total of 46 group entries were received from 160 team members from the different GEG departments and properties, and after a rigorous pre-screen, ten elite groups were selected for entry to the Grand Final. On Thursday, the finalists will need to impress a demanding judging panel that includes Mr. Vincent Cheang, renowned Macau designer and musician that GEG specially invited to help with the scoring this year.  

Under the theme “Movies & Musicals,” the ten finalists will compete for awards and prizes including, the “Galaxy Got Talent” – Gold and Silver Awards, as well as “The Audience Choice”, “The Best Image,” “The Best Showmanship,” “The Best Creativity” and the “Facebook Most Like” awards. In addition, over 20 of the Group’s senior executives will also share the limelight by showcasing their talents in specially choreographed “movies and musicals” performances.