Sheng Kung Hui and GEG held “Addiction: Challenges and Balance” Workshop to Promote Responsible Gaming

Sept 29, 2015To enhance awareness of the importance of responsible gaming among team members, Sheng Kung Hui Gambling Counseling and Family Wellness Center and Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) co-organized the third annual and consecutive responsible gaming workshop. Under the theme “Addiction: Challenges and Balance,” the workshop introduced the behavior of various kinds of addictions, evaluated the harmful effects related to gaming and offered counselling service methods to team members. Aimed at developing team members’ optimistic attitude in their daily lives through responsible gaming, the workshop also built up their confidence in order to support others when necessary.

Recently, Ms. Jackie Wu, the Assistant Unit In-Charge of Sheng Kung Hui Gambling Counseling and Family Wellness Centre was invited to conduct a workshop on the topic “Addiction: Challenges and Balance” for twenty frontline team members of Galaxy Macau™, StarWorld Hotel and Rio Hotel. During the two hours, Ms. Wu focused on discussing the symptoms, behavior and impact of various kinds of addictions while demonstrating these elements with practical examples through interactive games and questionnaires to strengthen the gambling addiction knowledge of team members.

Ms. Cheong from Table Games of StarWorld Hotel said, “This workshop not only helps me during work, but also helps those who are under stress by encouraging them to proactively seek for assistance.” Ms. Wu, the Assistant Unit In-Charge of Sheng Kung Hui Gambling Counseling agreed that the workshop effectively facilitated team members’ understanding of responsible gaming and hoped that more activities will be held to promote responsible gaming and extend support to those in need through various initiatives. 

Responsible gaming promotion is a long-term educational endeavor. Apart from providing career training and various recreational activities, GEG strives its best in promoting responsible gaming and commits to working closely with local Government departments, institutions and communities to extend effective responsible gaming support services. Moreover, GEG will consistently provide responsible gaming consultation services to ensure that team members establish positive values in their daily lives and extend assistance to others facing addictions.