The 4th “GEG Youth Achievement Program” Awards Winners an Eye-Opening Experience in Vietnam

Oct 13, 2015Following the successful completion of the fourth “GEG Youth Achievement Program” co-organized by Macau Management Association (“MMA”) and Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”), the six winners of the final project embarked on a six-day study tour to Vietnam with truly rewarding, elevated and eye-opening experiences. Aimed at enlightening winners with knowledge and understanding of the country’s rich heritage and education environment, MMA and GEG prepared a challenging and all-encompassing itinerary that included experiencing local village life in Vietnam, exploring numerous Vietnam’s treasured historical landmarks, as well as visiting the Danang University of Economics. 

The six winners of the fourth “GEG Youth Achievement Program” Final Project completed their fruitful six-day Vietnam study tour in early September. Visiting Ho Chi Minh City Hall, Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, Central Post Office, War Remnants Museum, Hoi An Ancient Town and other tourism landmarks, the winners came to appreciate Vietnam’s timeless charm through learning its Sino-French history and understanding its mix of ethnicities and religions. To personally experience villagers’ traditional living habits, the winners were invited to spend a night at the homes of local villagers and worked together to prepare traditional meals. In addition, the winners also visited Danang University of Economics where they received a warm welcome from students who guided them through the different campuses and facilities, as well as shared with them their views on university life and learning.      

Having gained exceptional and invaluable experience from this Vietnam study tour, one of the study tour participants in his fourth year in university, Jacky Lou Chi Weng, said, “I found the students’ passion and commitment at Danang University of Economics most impressive. Watching them concentrate on taking notes, listening to the lecturer and actively participating in group discussions made me reflect on the way I study in Macau and also how I should treasure every learning experience.” Another participant currently in his second year in university, Kammy Cheong Ka Man, said, “While visiting the War Remnants Museum and Cu Chi Tunnels, we learned about the strategies that were implemented during the Vietnamese War, and the sophistication of the tunnels and traps were most unforgettable.”

Since its inception, the “GEG Youth Achievement Program”, a training course organized by MMA and GEG, has attracted the participation of approximately 1,400 local youths between 18 and 29 years old. With the objective to nurture the individual and professional growth of Macau’s young talents, the Program consists of a series of activities including leadership camps, workshops and final projects that help prepare the youth in becoming future leaders. The winning team of the Program’s final project receives an Asian study tour experience that is sponsored by GEG as part of the award and in the past three years, winners were flown to Singapore, Cambodia and Sri Lanka to learn about rich cultural heritage, tourism and livelihood of these countries and its people.