Celebrating “International Chefs Day”; GEG and Macau Culinary Association Invited Seventy Participants for Some Culinary Fun

Oct 28, 2015 In celebration of “International Chefs Day”, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) partnered with Macau Culinary Association to hold a culinary activity, “Healthy Kids – Healthy Future”, at Oasis, Galaxy Macau™ last Saturday. Seventy parents and children from General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau (“UGAMM”) were invited and were accompanied by thirty chefs from Macau Culinary Association, Institute for Tourism Studies, GEG and local restaurants during this cheerful activity. Aiming to promote the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyles, this activity intends to foster communication and interaction between parents and children.  

 “Healthy Kids – Healthy Future” commenced with the chefs’ introduction on a healthy diet while sharing their veteran culinary experience. The participants were then separated into groups and under the chefs’ guidance, made delicious cookies and muffins from simple ingredients. “I am really happy to be making cookies with my mummy. They are so yummy and it is so much fun,” said seven-year-old Lam Wing Man wearing a paper-made chef’s hat. The chefs even passed out various healthy recipes to encourage and further educate the participants on the different food nutrition and to enhance their cooking skills.

Thanking GEG for the venue and equipment sponsorship, Macau Culinary Association believes that the activity created a platform for chefs to contribute to the community and the next generation of Macau with their professional knowledge and skills. World Chefs Association, on the other hand, stated that this culinary exchange not only improved the life of the next generation through the promotion and message of leading a healthy diet but that all participating chefs spared no effort in preparing for this exciting activity. Afterwards, GEG invited the participants and chefs for a lunch buffet where further culinary experience was exchanged. As a socially responsible company, GEG has been constantly assisting in developing local communities through organizing and participating in various activities to establish a harmonious society.