GEG Youth Achievement Program Organized a Two-Day Camping Activity in Zhuhai

January 19, 2016 – The fifth GEG Youth Achievement Program, co-organized by Macau Management Association (“MMA”) and Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”), commenced in November 2015. The first activity, a two-day teambuilding camp that was free of charge and attracted ninety participants, was held twice, once last December and then again last week, at Baiteng Lake Peasant Holiday Resort in Doumen District of Zhuhai.

The two-day teambuilding camp aimed to educate participants on the importance of communication and effectively leading a team to achieve their goals, which also helped promote friendship and mutual understanding among one another. Through a series of outdoor activities, participants were given the opportunity to not only broaden their social network, but also to exercise and relax, which underlined GEG Youth Achievement Program’s main goal – for local teenagers to “Reach out, Reach beyond”.

One of the participants, Si Iat said, “The games taught me to think creatively from different perspectives; I learned to think outside the box and to explore every possibility when solving a problem.” Another participant, Ho Weng Kei stated, “I learned the importance of communication during the blindfold game; when we were blindfolded, our gestures and tone of voice affected how we expressed ourselves, which made it easy to neglect or disrespect others. During the whole process, I learned to first listen attentively to others’ opinions and not force them to blindly listen to me.” Other participants stated that through this camp, friendships and team spirit were developed among instructors and the team, which would not have happened during a normal classroom setting. This year’s program will feature different workshops, scheduled for the upcoming two months, offering diversified learning opportunities for Macau teenagers to recognize their potential and talents.