Celebrating StarWorld Hotel’s Tenth Anniversary: GEG Team Members Promote Inclusive Society

March 2, 2016 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) cares about the needs of persons with disabilities and believes that, given the opportunity, they are capable of giving back to the community. Along with the other properties under GEG, StarWorld Hotel has recruited persons with disabilities to be part of the StarWorld Hotel team, and together they are creating an inclusive society and celebrating StarWorld Hotel’s tenth anniversary this year.

Mr. Wong Peng Hong, who has hearing impairment, joined StarWorld Hotel when it opened in 2006. He is an attendant in the Environmental Services of Housekeeping Department. Despite his hearing deficiency, he actively communicates with his supervisors and colleagues through writing, as demonstrated in an interview. “I love my job very much and, like other teammates, I can complete hands-on tasks independently. My supervisors and colleagues put their trust in me and so I do my best not to disappoint them.” Wong’s positive attitude is highly appreciated by his supervisor, who commends him for his hard work and for taking up his job seriously. Ms. Jean Leong, Executive Officer of Macau Association of the Hearing Impaired, praised Mr. Wong Peng Hong for his cheerful personality and said, “He enjoys working at StarWorld Hotel alongside his supervisors and colleagues in the department, and you can see his smiling face when he expresses how he efficiently finishes his job.”

Security Officer Ms. Lily Wong is a person with mild intellectual disability and joined StarWorld Hotel’s Security Department in 2014. She is determined to master her job skills and is thankful for her position at GEG, where she values the work experience. She said, “I was not familiar with the security system and procedures at first and made a lot of mistakes, but my colleagues are kind and helpful and keep repeating the steps until I build up my confidence to handle it by myself.” Diligent and optimistic, she continually outperforms herself and maintains a good relationship with her colleagues.

Apart from work, Mr. Wong Peng Hong and Ms. Lily Wong have represented Macau in sporting events. Mr. Wong participated in the table tennis competition at National Games of Disabled Persons People’s Republic of China at Hengzhou and Asia Pacific Deaf Games at Taiwan, and Ms. Wong joined the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, where she won the championship and first runner-up in the individual medley and freestyle swimming categories respectively.

Both of them are grateful to celebrate StarWorld Hotel’s tenth anniversary, and they wish GEG every success in the future. With an aim to raising public awareness and embracing persons with disabilities, GEG has been providing job opportunities for the disabled so that they can live up to their full potential in a respectful and inclusive society.