GEG Staff Social Club Held Third Annual “GEG Soccer Fun Day” to Foster Team Bonding and Bring Families and Friends Together

March 7, 2016 – Galaxy Entertainment Group(“GEG”) encourages its team members to exercise more outdoors and frequently rolls out sporting activities to stimulate team bonding and promote work-life balance among team members; the GEG Staff Social Club held the “GEG Soccer Fun Day” yesterday for the third consecutive year with 250 team members and their families and friends joining the event. The event featured friendly soccer matches as well as the first soccer carnival where team members’ families and friends enjoyed a lively and exciting day together.

The “GEG Soccer Fun Day” saw the greatest number of participants with 160 players forming 8 teams from different departments of StarWorld Hotel, Galaxy Macau™, Broadway Macau™ and City Clubs as well as other invitational teams. After a warm-up exercise, a friendly match began with players skillfully controlling the ball and maneuvering it to the opponent’s goal. The crowd congratulated the winning team of Engineering Department with roars of cheers and applause in the Workers Stadium.

In addition to two friendly soccer matches, the GEG Staff Social Club organized a soccer carnival for the first time to extend the fun to families and friends of the players. The participants teamed up and joined recreational activities such as carrying a soccer ball in a hurdle race, demonstrating basic soccer skills, etc. Mr. Kazu Mak from Table Games Department of Galaxy Macau joined the activity for the second time and said, “My kids and I are pleased to join the event, and we play the mini games to learn the soccer skills by controlling the soccer balls with our heads and legs. It is good for us to have some outdoor activities and fresh air to stay healthy.” 

For the third consecutive year, the “GEG Soccer Fun Day” has continued to promote the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The GEG Staff Social Club is dedicated to enhancing team bonding by facilitating communications and providing team members with a relaxing workout. The club strives to offer a series of teambuilding activities to strengthen team members’ relationships in order to develop their own interests and potential.