GEG Youth Achievement Program Participants Engaged the Public in Community Service Challenge Day

March 28, 2016 – Since the fifth “GEG Youth Achievement Program” (“YAP”) co-organized by Macau Management Association and Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) kicked off last year, participants have been engaging in a series of activities designed to enhance leadership skills, build confidence and facilitate interaction with the community. YAP participants recently held a community service challenge day to spread love to the society.  

Six teammates from previous program’s champion team served as ambassadors and, together with thirty other participants, organized the challenge day. On the morning of the event, participants gathered at the hub of Macau and invited strangers to undertake five challenges, which included folding paper cranes and giving out free hugs to strangers. At first, strangers were hesitant to participate, but once a few people began to participate in the challenges, many others followed. The challenge day created opportunities for participants to hone their social skills and positively affect a stranger’s day.

“What we want to do is to restore a human touch between one another,” said one of the participants, Phoebe Mak “In completing the challenges, we are trying to bring joy and love to the people around us.” The participants also created a banner and asked strangers to sign it in support of community care in Macau. Another participant Kuok Ka I said, “At first, we encountered a lot of difficulties because the strangers were not interested in the event and rejected us, however we patiently explained the event to them and finally touched their hearts to complete the challenges.” The participants found the activity truly rewarding and were satisfied after completing the challenges.  

In addition to the community service challenge day, three outstanding local entrepreneurs were invited to present their innovative ideas and insights at a sharing session. The speakers encouraged participants to hone their talents and develop their careers by setting specific goals.

YAP organizes a variety of activities for young people to serve the community and develop leadership skills. In January, ninety young people participated in a team-building camp in Zhuhai. Upon completion of the program, participants became eligible to enter the final contest for seats in the Asian City Study Tour.