GEG Hosted Responsible Gaming Training and Workshop for Team Members

May 4, 2016 – As part of its corporate social responsibility, and in compliance with the government’s policies and measures, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) organizes regular responsible gaming trainings and workshops for team members and the public. Recently, more than forty GEG team members attended training and workshop conducted by professional speakers on responsible gaming guidelines, signs of problem gambling and responsible gaming support services.     

Dr. Samuel Huang, Associate Professor of Gaming Teaching and Research Center of Macao Polytechnic Institute conducted a workshop titled “Responsible Gaming Workshop: Guidelines, gambling disorder and business conduct,” which focused on Macau’s and neighboring regions’ responsible gaming regulations and guidelines, GEG’s self-exclusion program and GEG’s business conduct of responsible gaming to the public.

Professor Davis Fong Ka Chio, Director of the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming of University of Macau, Mr. Karl Lao Sok Kei, Training Manager of Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office Professional Training Center and Ms. Tammy Chau, Social Worker of Sheng Kung Hui Taipa Youth and Family Integrated Service Center used practical examples, group discussions and role play in the training on the symptoms of problem gambling, strategies for dealing with challenging situations and assistance programs available to patrons and their family and friends.

The majority of the team members who participated in the training and workshop were frontline team members dealing directly with casino patrons, so the information in the workshop was closely related to their work. Ms. Daniela Tam from Table Games of Galaxy Macau™ said, “I was interested in the latest responsible gaming information, case analysis and government guidelines presented by the speakers. It will be very helpful for me at work.”

GEG makes responsible gaming information easy for team members and the public to access via self-help kiosks, leaflets and pamphlets in its properties. Through regular programs conducted with the help of professionals and local associations, GEG promotes responsible gaming to prevent problems for its team members and the public.