Hotel Okura Macau and Galaxy Hotel Receive “2015 Macao Green Hotel Award”

Jul 6, 2016 – The Environmental Protection Bureau (“DSPA”) has announced the winners of the 2015 Macao Green Hotel Award. Hotel Okura Macau and Galaxy Hotel™ were awarded the Gold Award and the Silver Award respectively. The recognition affirms the continuing effort which Galaxy Macau™, Galaxy Entertainment Group’s (“GEG”) flagship property, has made in promoting an effective environmental management system.

GEG has developed a set of environmental management measures to be put into practice across all business aspects in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. In 2014, Galaxy Macau was the first integrated resort to receive the ISO 14001 certificate, for establishing an effective environmental management system in both the hotel and back-office area. The awards recognize GEG’s efforts to promote sustainable development and its commitment to fulfill its corporate social responsibility regarding energy saving. 

Over the years, Galaxy Macau has implemented a variety of green initiatives such as the installation of a food waste decomposer, which turns food waste into fertilizer, and a food waste-processing machine, which reduces food waste by 90 percent. This, in turn, significantly reduces the pressure on transportation and landfills needed for processing food waste. In addition, Hotel Okura Macau and Galaxy Hotel have developed a set of energy-saving measures which includes installing a weather monitoring station at the Grand Resort Deck and importing relevant data into the building management system for climate control and energy conservation.

Mr. Chan Chee Pong, Senior Vice President of Facilities Management of Galaxy Macau, said: “In its business operations, GEG strives to protect the city’s environment with concrete action and constantly improves its environmental protection measures. We also foster a green culture by encouraging our team members and customers to follow measures which help shape a more eco-conscious Macau.”

GEG endeavors to foster a green culture within its hotel properties through various environmental measures to ensure not only the highest service standard but also a safe and eco-friendly environment for visiting guests to enjoy a wide range of leisure and entertainment amenities. The recognition given by the Macao SAR Government and the hotel industry is a great encouragement for GEG to further strengthen its effort on environmental stewardship.