GEG Hosted Blood Donation Day for the Eighth Consecutive Year

Jul 19, 2016 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and Macao Blood Transfusion Center jointly held the Blood Donation Day on 14 and 18 July at Oasis at Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Hotel Grand Ballroom. GEG is dedicated to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility with the aim of serving the community. One means of doing this is the biannual Blood Donation Day. This year marks the eighth consecutive year that GEG has hosted the event, with a total of nearly 1,300 team members participated. GEG was awarded by the Health Bureau “Team Recognition for Top number of blood donors” first runner-up in 2011; “Team Recognition for Top number of blood donors” champion in 2012; “Outstanding Blood Donation Motivation” in 2014 and “Team Recognition for Blood Donation Motivation” in 2015 for its continuous support of blood donation.

As a responsible corporate citizen, GEG supports the policy of the Macau SAR Government and advocates in giving back to the community in Macau through constantly organizing and participating in philanthropic and charitable activities. GEG hopes that the Blood Donation Day will ensure sufficient supply in the blood bank, especially of Rh-negative blood types for emergency use.

Near 130 participants including senior executives took part in the Blood Donation Day, Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG and Ms. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources and Administration, GEG together with senior executives were present and thanked team members for their support. The event received overwhelming response from team members. Some who had not registered were motivated by the warm atmosphere at the event to register on-site and become blood donors.

Every year on the Blood Donation Day, the venue was decorated by GEG Staff Social Club where participants could take photos to capture the moment and were given photo printouts to bring home. Lunch meals were also well prepared for every blood donor. This year, GEG again purchased souvenir bookmarks designed and handmade by the service users of the Fu Hong Society of Macau and presented them to blood donors. Proceeds from the sale of the bookmarks will go to support the Society’s work in arts development and service users. 

Considering corporate social responsibility’s crucial role in Macau’s development, GEG is devoted to the philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”. Through hosting charitable events and donating to charitable causes, GEG strives to promote a harmonious community and help develop Macau into a “World Center of Tourism and Leisure.”