GEG Basketball Team Garnered Fifth Championship in Six Years

Aug 10, 2016 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) Basketball Team A won the championship title at the Gaming Employees Basketball Competition. Finishing the game 80-64, the team garnered its fifth championship title in six years. GEG Basketball Team B brought home the third runner-up title. The basketball competition was co-organized by Gaming Employees Home and Macao Federation of Trade Unions’ Sports Committee and was held at Court A of Workers Stadium.

With close attention on team members’ well-being and team building, GEG encourages its team members to participate in various sporting competitions. To demonstrate unity and inject positive energy to the basketball team, GEG team members from different departments showed up to cheer their teams on during the competition. Afterwards, GEG Basketball Team Leader Nino Songco said that for the past two months, Team A and Team B had gone through vigorous competitions with other team players and it was the interaction among team members that led both teams to victory. He said that, in addition to discussing basketball tactics and strategies, team members support one another at work. He thanked GEG for its support in adjusting working hours so that team members would have sufficient rest for the competition.

The GEG basketball team was established in 2010. GEG is proud of the team for achieving such outstanding results and encourages them to continue enhancing their skills. GEG regularly rolls out recreational activities to foster interactions among team members and supports their participation in various sporting events to strengthen their bodies and minds and maintain a healthy work-life balance.