GEG Participated One Day Volunteering Activity for the Sixth Consecutive Year to Spread Warmth and Care to Elderlies

Aug 22, 2016 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) participated for the sixth consecutive year in the One Day Volunteering Activity, which is organized by Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau (“AJVM”) and sponsored by Social Affairs Bureau. This year, with the theme of “Happy Grannies” 80 GEG volunteers spent a pleasant afternoon with 210 elderlies from Our Lady of Fatima Church Macau, Associação de Agricultores de Macau and Respect Senior General Association of Macao at the ballroom of Macau Tower. GEG encourages team members to participate in various volunteering activities to spread love to and to care for elderlies and the needy, to learn to respect and accept others, and to build a harmonious and inclusive community.

Eighty GEG volunteers arrived at the venue yesterday afternoon and worked in groups to set up game booths. The elderlies were escorted into the ballroom by the associations’ workers, and upon arrival they were welcomed by the GEG volunteers. Afterwards, GEG volunteers mingled with the elderlies, played games with them at the booths and presented them with souvenirs. In addition, the associations arranged stage performances, which were applauded by the audience. Social Worker Ms. Chan from Associação de Agricultores Macau said that One Day Volunteering Activity offered elderlies an opportunity to interact with different people in society, which broadens their minds and helps them feel the support and encouragement of the community.

Since its inception by the AJVM in 2000, the One Day Volunteering Activity has attracted local citizens to spend a day for volunteering. With different themes each year, the Activity aims to spread love and foster a more cohesive and harmonious society. GEG volunteer team has joined the annual One Day Volunteering Activity every year since 2010 and has visited the Taipa Houses-Museum and the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion as well as set up game booths to interact with and entertain elderlies. GEG will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by organizing and participating in diverse volunteering activities to serve the community’s specific needs and inject positive energy into the community.