GEG and SKH Hold Event to Promote Responsible Gaming

Aug 24, 2016 – To comply with the government’s responsible gaming guidelines and to foster team members’ understanding of responsible gaming, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and Sheng Kung Hui Gambling Counseling and Family Wellness Center (“SKH”) have joined hands to promote responsible gaming under the theme “Helpful Tips for a Healthy Life”. A series of attractions on responsible gaming, including booth games, bulletin board displays and on-site counseling, were featured on GEG properties. A total of 1,100 team members participated.

GEG pays close attention to team members’ working and living conditions and strives to promote responsible gaming through different channels, especially focusing on frontline team members to help them maintain their mental and physical health. GEG set up interactive game booths at the back of house at Galaxy Macau™, Broadway Macau™, StarWorld Hotel and three City Clubs. There, SKH social workers explained to GEG team members the importance of responsible gaming and the potential risks of gambling. This year, GEG again organized a Responsible Gaming Knowledge Quiz, with 353 team members participating to review relevant information. Team members who answered all the questions correctly were entered in a lucky draw to win fabulous prizes.

GEG and SKH also offer team members a wide range of ongoing services including WeChat counseling, 24-hour hotline counseling, face-to-face counseling and on-site counseling. Considering promoting responsible gaming one of the most important efforts in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, GEG will continue working with local associations and institutions to establish guidelines and measures to promote responsible gaming, with the goal of helping team members identify gambling disorder symptoms and encouraging them to reach out to those in need.