GEG Team Members Deliver Lectures at Local Universities and Associations; A Trip to GEG’s Properties Broadens Local Students’ Visions

Nov 30, 2016 – This October and November, senior management team from Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) were invited by local universities and associations to deliver 6 lectures on different topics, attracting around 530 participants to join. GEG invited 423 students from local universities and institutions to tour GEG’s facilities, including back-of-house areas this year.  

GEG management team members had stepped into University of Macau, Macau University of Science and Technology (“MUST”) and Macau Management Association to deliver 6 lectures and meet local students. Mr. John Sloane, Assistant Senior Vice President of F&B Operations and Culinary, Galaxy Macau™; Ms. Vicky Wu, Vice President of Media Plan and Management, GEG; Mr. Noel Lyons, Ms. Carol Kam, Ms. Springnna Chen, Vice President and Assistant Vice Presidents of Organization Development and Training, GEG; Mr. Paul Hotchan, Assistant Vice President of Executive Recruitment and Workforce Strategy Recruitment, GEG and Ms. Grace Chan, Assistant Vice President of Environmental Services, Galaxy Macau were invited to deliver lectures on their respective areas of expertise. The lectures covered hospitality and operations management, integrated resort marketing, strategic human resources development, travel and hotel services and rooms division management. Hannah Lam, a third year student majoring in hotel management at MUST, said, “The lecture was very comprehensive and practical. I have enrolled in the hotel room management course this academic year, and the guest lecturer illustrated an overview of hotel computer operating systems, which gave me a better understanding of how these systems support hotel daily operations.”    

GEG has cooperated closely with local universities and institutions to reach out to students and foster their growth. In the past, GEG invited 423 students from University of Macau, MUST and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center to visit GEG’s facilities. Since the majority of the students were majoring in hospitality-related programs, the lecturers emphasized the importance of cooperation among departments within GEG in offering exceptional services to guests.

GEG hopes to enhance young people’s competitiveness in the market by launching different leadership training programs and making GEG senior management team available to share their professional insights with them. By enhancing locals’ competencies and promoting Macau’s diversification, GEG assists youth in tracing their career paths and helping them become future pillars of Macau. GEG will continue to visit local educational institutions to introduce students to the industry so that they will be well prepared to join the workforce.